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Colonies, Empires, Slaveries: Cross-Histories

Historiographical working group within the French Committee for Historical Sciences.

The history of colonizations and the history of slaveries have recently been at the forefront of political and scientific polemical controversies in France, in particular the February 23, 2005 law demanding that the “positive” aspects of French colonialism, notably in North Africa, be taught in French schools (article 4). Highly contentious, particularly within the community of French historians, this article was finally abrogated. Subsequently, Italy, among other European countries, officially apologized on August 30, 2008 to Libya, its former colony from 1911 to 1943. This repentance came with a commitment to compensate Libya 5 billion dollars over the next twenty-five years. Scholarly publications on issues of memory, both political and historical, have been increasing. This group aims to disseminate new approaches within the field by furthering comparisons between historical periods and colonial empires. Recent doctoral theses, historical works in progress and symposia, as well as foreign historiographies (from former colonizers as well as former colonized), will be considered. The goal of this group is to strive toward a decompartmentalized and broadened understanding of the history of colonizations and the history of slaveries, both in time and space.

Hubert Bonin, Yvan Combeau, Évelyne Combeau-Mari, Catherine Coquery-Vidrovitch, Myriam Cottias, Amaury Lorin, Armelle Mabon, Chantal Metzger, Christelle Taraud, Michel Vergé-Franceschi.

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